XYZprinting Da Vinci 3D Printer

After the original glass print bed (and a subsequent non-borosilicate replacement) 'fell-apart' — or, more correctly, delaminated, with the thin layers of glass that would come off with the prints ultimately leading to a kind of 'cratering' — I started to look into ways of saving the full replacement bed-set I managed to source.

After a bit of reading, the consensus seemed to be that, with strong adhesion — particularly of ABS to the glass — and the differing rates (and amounts) of shrinkage, quite a large amount of stress can build up in the glass, leading to the kinds of damage I'd previously seen; by using a suitably temperature-resistant tape (such as Kapton / Polyimide or 'blue' painters' tape), adhesion during the printing process can be maintained, whilst providing a weaker 'sacrificial' base that gives way first, thereby protecting the bed proper.

To this end, I bought some 200mm wide x 0.06mm thick Kapton tape. Applying it is still something I need to master, however the following seems like a good starting point for learning this technique

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