Mediasite Downloader

The Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome-compatible tool, MediasiteDownloader, can be used to download the video portion of online courses built upon the Mediasite CMS.

Its source repository is also available over at

To download the accompanying slides, one can use the browser's Inspection tool to find the URL of one of the slides, and then use the following shell script to pull down the full set of (full-size) images. Given an example URL of https://mediasite.domainname/FileServer/b93c73a25b0f46ad/Presentation/2aca7f6aae264e81/slide_0001_640_480.jpg:

for i in $(seq -f "%04g" 1 248); do
  wget "https://mediasite.domainname/FileServer/b93c73a25b0f46ad/Presentation/2aca7f6aae264e81/slide_$i.jpg"

(Note the dropping of the 'thumbnail' / preview size suffix from the slide's filename)

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  • by Peter