Laboratory Equipment and Procedures

GlasswareJoanLab500 mL Soxhlet500 mL Soxhlet Extractor500 mL Soxhlet Extractor (with Allihn condenser)
MicroscopeSwiftSW380TSwift SW380T Trinocular Compound MicroscopeSW380T Trinocular Compound Microscope (40–2500x, including WF10X/25x ocular and 100x Oil-immersion objective)
MicroscopeSolomark1280Solomark Monocular Compound MicroscopeSolomark Monocular Compound Microscope (20–1280x)
ProcessingBeeketalBDA-15Beeketal BDA-15 Automatic DehydratorBDA-15 automatic dehydrator (10-shelves, 30–90°C)
ReagentBasic Mycological ReagentsSet of common mycological reagents used for species identification
EnvironmentalH13-1950Flow-Hood with CAMFIL HEPA FilterComprising a 762x610x292 mm CAMFIL H13 HEPA Filter and a 1950 m^3/hr centrifugal fan
MicroscopeRPI-Cam2RPi Zero-based USB Microscope CameraCustom Raspberry Pi-based USB Microscope Camera
Processing, GlasswareVacuum Evaporator and DistillerCustom (partial-)vacuum-based evaporator for the concentration of extractions and the recovery of solvents
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