Elaine Ingham (2008). Compost Presentation

Elaine Ingham. 2008. Compost Presentation. Rodale Institute.

This 97-slide presentation pack looks at the constituents, production, role of compost and the results of the application of compost and compost teas. Amongst the areas touched upon are such things as: the nutrient pool and concentration of minerals in soil; the make-up of a balanced soil food web and the role and appearance / morphology of its constituents, including its fungi, protozoa and nematodes; the definition, types, composition / starting materials and production examples of different kinds of compost, including thermal and worm compost; the neutralisation of human pathogens; and typical assay results of composts and compost-treated fields.

See, also, Ingham (2014). Life in the Soil Master Presentation for a super-set of slides and information.

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