Elaine Ingham (2014). Life in the Soil Course

Elaine Ingham and Soil Food Web. 2014. Life in the Soil Course.

This 18 lesson, approx. 14 hour course is the cornerstone of the Soil Food Web's Foundation Course series. Also included are some 12+ hours of post-lecture questions and discussions.

The lesson titles are:

  1. Overview of Organisms in the Soil
  2. Appearance of Microorganisms in the Soil
  3. Morphology of Predator Organisms
  4. What Constitutes a healthy Soil Food Web
  5. Soil Assessments
  6. Soil Profiles and Horizons
  7. Mineral, Organic Matter and Organism Interactions
  8. How Microorganisms Affect Soil Chemistry
  9. Castle Walls that Plants Build
  10. The Green Revolution?
  11. Nutrient Cycling and Nitrogen Cycle
  12. Soil Depth
  13. Conditions in all Ecosystems
  14. Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditions
  15. Practical Examples of Different Kinds of Systems
  16. Biology Working in Real-world Situations
  17. More Real-life Examples of Practical Applications
  18. How Much Organic Matter is too Much Organic Matter?

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