Fibre-Reinforced Plastics

Robert Murray-Smith. 2019. Making Graphene Filled Plastic. Video. Retrieved from

In this video, the process of preparing the graphene–(presumably) glycerine suspension for mixing into the plastic is explained.

Robert Murray-Smith. Bullet Proof Graphene Plastic. YouTube Playlist. Retrieved from

In addition to its hardness, the conductivity (of approx. 2.5Ω/cm) is also demonstrated.

See also:

Robert Murray-Smith. 2021. 1165: A Paper Bicycle Made From Old Newspapers. Part 1: Making The Tubes. Video. Retrieved from

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Also, how this might be adapted to that papier-maché / 3D-printed moulding process (more generally, but also in the context of producing the joinery for the bike):

XYZAidan. 2019. Recycle Cardboard into Anything with 3D Printing!. Video. Retrieved from

Can the technique presented in NightHawkInLight (2022) be modified to use Casein instead of the Silicone–Nafta mix to produce translucent, semi-stiff sheeting?

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