Laboratory Equipment and Procedures

CategoryMakeModelItem Description
RFNanoVNANanoVNA 4"NanoVNA 4" 1.5GHz Vector Network Analyser50 kHz to 1.5 GHz Vector Network Analyser
DSOHantek6022BEHantek 6022BE 2-channel 20MHz USB DSO6022BE 2-channel 20MHz USB DSO
InterfaceGenericAR488AR488 USB-to-IEEE488 interfaceAR488 Arduino-based USB-to-IEEE488 interface with support for a Prologix-like command interface
DMMAnengAN8001Aneng AN8001 Digital MultimeterAneng AN8001 6000 count true RMS Digital Multimeter
MSO, DSOBitScopeBS10UBitScope BS10U 2-channel 100MHz USB MSOBS10U 2-channel 100MHz + 8-channel 40MS/s logic USB MSO
DMMBrymenBM202Brymen BM202 Digital MultimeterBrymen BM202 2500 count true RMS Digital Multimeter with RS232 interface
DisplayCommodore1084SCommodore 1084S CRT monitorCommodore 1084S PAL CRT monitor
RFDERDE-5000DER DE-5000 Precision LCR MeterDE-5000 Precision LCR Meter
DisplayDellUltraSharp 2001FPDell UltraSharp 2001FP LCD MonitorDell UltraSharp 2001FP 1600x1200 20" LCD Monitor
DisplayDellUltraSharp 2007FPDell UltraSharp 2007FP LCD MonitorDell UltraSharp 2007FP 1600x1200 20" LCD Monitor
LogicHi-LoEPP01Hi-Lo EPP01 (E)PROM ProgrammerEPP01 (E)PROM Programmer
DisplayPanasonicBT-S1050YPanasonic BT-S1050Y 10" PAL/NTSC Portable CRT monitorPanasonic BT-S1050Y 10" PAL/NTSC Portable CRT monitor
RFGenericSDR-RTL2832UGeneric RTL2832U-based 1.0GHz SDR USB dongleRTL2832U-based 25 MHz to 1.0 GHz SDR USB dongle
LogicSaleaeLogic 16Saleae Logic 16-compatible Logic AnalyserSaleae Logic 16-compatible 16 channel USB Logic Analyser
DSOTektronixTDS 224Tektronix TDS 224 4-channel 100MHz DSOTDS 224 4-channel 100MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope with TDS2MM Measurement Extension Module
DSOTektronixTDS 744ATektronix TDS 744A 4-channel 500MHz DSOTDS 744A 4-channel 500MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope with Option 2F Advanced DSP Math
DSOTektronixTHS 720ATektronix THS 720A TekScope 2-channel 100MHz DSOTHS 720A 2-channel 100MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
LogicMiniProTL866CSMiniPro TL866CS USB (EE)PROM ProgrammerTL866CS USB (EE)PROM Programmer
CategoryMakeModelItem Description
PSUMaishengMS-3010DMaisheng MS-3010D Lab Power Supply0–30V, 0–10A Lab Power Supply
PSUDick Smith ElectronicsQ1770DSE Q1770 Lab Power Supply0–30V, 0–5A Lab Power Supply
CNC, Router, LaserMosticsCNC3018 ProMostics CNC3018 Pro300x180mm CNC Router with 5.5W 445nm Laser Module
SolderingGeneric858D858D Hot-air Rework Station858D Hot-air Rework Station
CNC, 3D PrinterXYZprintingdaVinci 1.0AXYZprinting daVinci 1.0A 3D PrinterEnclosed 210x210mm PLA / ABS 3D Printer with heated bed and 0.4mm nozzle
HV, PSUHossoniSV-4AHossoni SV-4A VariacHossoni SV-4A 220V to 0-250V, 4A Variac
Data ImagingIndividual ComputersCatweasel MK4plus PCICatweasel MK4plus Floppy Disk ControllerIndividual Computers Catweasel MK4plus Floppy Disk Controller
Data ImagingKryoFluxUSB-based Floppy ControllerKryoFlux USB-based Floppy ControllerKryoFlux USB-based floppy controller designed for low-level reads suitable for software preservation
SolderingGenericS993AS993A Vacuum Desoldering IronS993A Vacuum Desoldering Iron
CategoryModelItem Description
InterfaceDINBusDIN Rail Control and Instrumentation BusControl and Instrumentation Bus for DIN Rail-based systems
ATE, I/OCM-MiniCM-Mini Automatic Cable MapperCustom 2-port Automatic Cable Mapper
ATEATE Eurocard MainframeATE Eurocard MainframeCustom Mainframe supporting up to eight Eurocard-based ATE Modules and an integrated USB-to-TTL-UART multi-master control bus
ATE, Signal GeneratorSGM-125-2SGM-125-2 Tracking Generator ATE ModuleCustom dual-channel 12.5MHz Signal Generator module with limited tracking functionality and an SCPI-like command interface
ATE, PowerDCL-100DCL-100 Programmable DC Load ModuleCustom simple 0 – 10A Programmable DC Load module with an SCPI-like command interface
ATE, I/OIOM-8-4IOM-8-4 Basic I/O ATE ModuleCustom simple, multi-channel digital and analogue I/O module with an SCPI-like command interface
Interface, ATETTL-UART MMBusTTL-UART Multi-Master BusTTL UART Multi-Master Bus for Automatic Test Equipment Modules
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